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How We Charge

We do not charge investors a fee.

Capital Raising Campaign

Our application fee is $990 (GST inc.) to apply for admission to our Platform.

An admission fee of $3,960 (GST inc.) is payable by all companies who have gained approval for admission to our Platform.

Thereafter, we charge a monthly fee of $458 (GST inc.) for each month of the capital raising campaign. This fee is calculated to equate to the average value of the work over a company's campaign period.  How hard you want to make our team work to get as much as possible out of your Monthly Fee is totally up to you. *Note: If your Trust Account & Share Registry is managed by our sister-company Unlisted Services Pty Ltd, this monthly fee will be waived.

When your campaign raises money a transaction fee of 2.5% is deducted before the funds are dispersed to you.

Our charges do not cover any fees that your Partner may charge.

A note about Partners

A company must appoint a Partner to undertake a capital raising campaign on the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board.

The Partner must be a participating organisation accepted by ASSOB and be a Class Order Operator pursuant to ASIC 02/273 "Business Introduction & Matching Service".

It is the Partner's responsibility to introduce the company to ASSOB and assist the company with our admission procedure and ongoing compliance obligations pursuant to the Corporations Act and our Issuer Terms & Conditions and Rules of Admission.

A Partner independently provides capital raising and/or corporate advisory services outside of ASSOB.  As part of working with us and you, a Partner will assist in the preparation of a suitable investment document, call attention to capital raising campaigns through various marketing methods, run investor meetings, and to support and guide the company's Founders and Directors in understanding and executing its obligations in relation to the ASSOB capital raising platform.

Partners usually earn very little from the preparatory work they do for your capital raising campaign.  It can take around 100 hours work to successfully shepherd a matter through a capital raising process in addition to the time the ASSOB staff spend handling your capital raising matter. To be rewarded for this time the Partner charges a success fee around 5-8% for services rendered.

A Note About Fees

As a guide, a typical capital raising campaign on the ASSOB platform may cost, as follows:

Prior to raising capital:

  • Application Stage (which includes assessing your application, due-diligence on your company, Founders / Directors, intellectual property, valuation and corporate structure) $990 > ASSOB.
  • Admission Stage (which includes assessing your Investment Document for suitability, creating your Company Profile Page and processing your matter through our Platform) $3960 > ASSOB.
  • The Partner (during or before the Application and Admission Stage) assists in preparing your Application documentation and creation of your Investment Document $3000 plus > Partner.

(ASSOB is $4,950.00 (inc. GST).  Fees will be around $8,000 upwards depending upon the Partner.)

During capital raising:

  • Monthly Fee* (which includes updating your Company Profile Page with ASIC Alerts, Announcements, Press Releases, space in the e-Newsletter, hosting your promotional video and much more) $458 > ASSOB. *Note: However if your Share Registry is managed by our sister-company Unlisted Services Pty Ltd, this monthly fee will be waived.
  • Trust Account and Share Registrar establishment fees $1,250.00 > 3rd Party.
  • Transaction fee of 2.5% > ASSOB.
  • Success matching fee around 8% of capital raised > Partner.

Compliance Profiling Campaign

The market for ordinary shares must be considered to be illiquid and likely to remain illiquid whilst the company remains unlisted.  However, A Compliance Profiling Campaign provides unlisted companies the opportunity to have their company profiled and promoted through the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board for the purpose of giving its shareholders an avenue to transfer or sell their securities.

Whilst ASSOB is not an established market for the sale or purchase of securities like a stock exchange, we do provide a mechanism which assists in facilitating sales or transfers of issued securities and promoting your company through our marketing channels.

A Compliance Profiling Campaign operates upon company disclosure and enhanced shareholder communication, so to provide your shareholders with the benefit of a Compliance Profiling Campaign, companies will need to provide company documentation, demonstrate their corporate governance and commit to frequently updating their Company Profile Page to assist sellers in communicating the company's potential to interested investors.

Please note that neither the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board nor its Employees or participants such as Partners, are securities dealers or intermediaries to any established stock market and cannot buy or sell securities.

Our application fee is $990 (GST inc.) to apply for admission of a Compliance profiling for your Company to our Platform.

We charge a monthly fee of $458 (GST inc.) for each month of the Compliance Profiling. Note: However if your Share Registry is managed by our sister-company Unlisted Services Pty Ltd, this monthly fee will be waived.

A Note to Sellers of Securities
Transaction fees apply for a secondary sale of securities and are payable to ASSOB by a seller/transferor upon the successful matching of a bid for a parcel of securities by a purchaser/transferee where ASSOB is involved. Transaction fees are charged per parcel of securities sold at a fee of $165 or 6.6 % per parcel (whichever is the greater).

All prices are in Australian dollars